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Cillian Icons

So today I finally buckled down to making some icons. see the brightnessCollapse )


I saw some gorgeous icons by elanordh and whilst exploring her icon journal found a great
for PSP7 by chiffonwings

These are my first two attempts:

Susan I pretty much followed as exactly as I could given that I use PSPX and not PSP7. Edmund was more difficult because the picture was badly pixilized and fixing it seemed to make him look like a paintwork.

Peter was my third attemptCollapse )


Sloth deems me worthy *swoon*

I won a cricket set from the Lottery which I have put in Jen's gallery ^_^ And then shortly after I received the Sloth avatar:

see screencapCollapse )

I suddenly decided to buy some of the items Tarla has given away as prizes. This required me to move even more of my pets items to their individual accounts. Luckily those accounts are all old and all of them had unused shops, which I converted to galleries. So this was a saving of NP because the gallery on credo is now size 29 and getting pretty expensive to increase.

In real life news... I am reading Long Spoon Lane by Anne Perry. It is no. 24 in the series and I haven't read any of the others. I find it a bit repetitive, but that is something I am very sensitive to. Once I was reading a book where the author used the same word three times in two pages. I didn't read any more after that.



Yesterday I found 3 clovers at MeriAcres, received a Slice of Neopets 7th Birthday Cake from a Random Event and had a Bag of Peanuts appear mysteriously in my inventory after restarting when my browser crashed. I also received an adorable Green Kacheek Biscuit Jar from sillyliss for posting over at neopianads. All these items are viewable in my gallery.

In other news I am reading Midnight over Sanctaphrax, the last book in the Twig Trilogy of the Edge Chronicles. How old am I? Oh never mind that ^_~ Check out my profile at LibraryThing.

What did I do today? I bathed Tasha. Had a grooming session - I tried to cut out her knots but she hates scissors so only cut out about half. I used lots of conditioner on her ^_^ She smells nice and is so soft and cuddle. My number 1 Neopet!

Also finished these small banners for Neopia's Finest:

For my own info (since I always forget) the fonts I used were: Selfish (I), Apollyon (D), A Yummy Apology (F), Apple Butter (M), Scrap Calligraphy and skinny (pixel)

Daily Dare

I am stupendously awful at games but I have been having great fun beating Abigail every day (sometimes by only a few points!) and have been putting all my prizes in my Gallery. I also bought some of AAA's prizes but recently they have been quite expensive. I thought it might be fun to track how much the prices go down as the month goes by. I use this awesome guide for info about the Daily Dare.

Sophies Cookbook
18,999 NP
18 March: 15,000 NP
20 March: 19,000 NP
23 March: 17,990 NP
Gummy Blocks Executive Desk Toy
28,500 NP
18 March: 26,111 NP
20 March: 19,950 NP
21 March: 15,000 NP
23 March: 18,000 NP
24 March: 16,997 NP
Snowmuncher Side Table
7,850 NP
18 March: 6,000 NP
20 March: 7,000 NP
21 March: 6,500 NP
23 March: 6,200 NP
24 March: 6,000 NP
Whack-a-Kass Windsock
1,000 NP
21 March: 1,710 NP
Strawberry Snowbunny Plushie
6,300 NP
18 March: 4,000 NP
20 March: 4,300 NP
23 March: 4,000 NP
Herder Paddock
845 NP
Lava Pit
3,500 NP
18 March: I bought one for 1,003 NP
Destruct-O-Match Stepping Stones
49,000 NP
18 March: 43,000 NP
20 March: 45,000 NP
24 March: 40,000 NP
Purple Garden Coral
3,500 NP (20 March)
21 March: sniped one for 200 but the actual price is 2,000 NP
Toy Detective Kit
3,550 NP (23 March)
Green Magnifing Glass
2,000NP (23 March) although I sniped one for 100NP
Ugga Marbleshield
4,900 NP (23 March)
24 March: 2,690 NP
Cloud Racer Mechanic
8,000 NP (27 March)
28 March: 8,450 NP
29 March: 10,000 NP
Kiko Match Home Version
17,500 NP (27 March)
28 March: 14,000 NP
29 March: 10,000 NP


The Cuteness

Isn't this layout 'Foxkeh Mt. Fuji' so adorable? Okay so all my previous entries are deleted. Haha, it's like my blogger which I have had for 7 years and only made 9 entires in; one of which was 'blah' and another 'hello. whats up.' So I am not very comfortable with writing about my boring life!